campus for climate action
alternatives to crisis

Alternatives to Crisis - Campus for Climate Action at Bath Spa University will explore art to transform ecologies, and the role of creativity in performing other possible worlds. With an exciting, varied program we will consider how aesthetic, creative and cultural approaches can fulfil common but differentiated responsibilities with view to connecting alternative communities and galvanising symbiotic global alliances. With view to activating hope we will consider alternative ways of seeing, doing and imagining - challenging canonised western concepts in favour of recognising alternatives already forging post-capitalist futures around the world.

Embracing a range of creative practices and ways of working this event brings together a dynamic mix of artists, curators, policy advisors, activists and scientists to discuss and unpick authentic alternative practices. Collaborative working, feminist leadership, sufficiency over efficiency, assigning rights to nature, celebrating indigeneity, Global South-led development and the role of activism are just some examples of the compelling issues that will be addressed.  Looking beyond art as communicator of climate knowledge we ask; can creative citizens, as agents of transformative action, usher in a realisation of environmental and ecological justice? 

The extended online conference from 10th - 24th May 2021, will involve speakers, film screenings, artist talks, panel discussions and associated workshops. 

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Who is organising this event and why?

As we approach Glasgow’s hosting of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), this is a timely opportunity for students, staff and the university to address the societal challenges of climate change and actively contribute towards environmental justice.

The Campus for Climate Action is curated by Ben Parry (course-leader MA Curatorial Practice) and Rachel Jones

Hosted by School of Art, Bath Spa University, BSU.
Supported by the Research Centre for Environmental Humanities and Art / Science / Environment Research cluster at BSU, and The Global Tapestry of Alternatives.

Following the success of An Uncertain Forecast - Art in the Age of the Anthropocene and Ecocide in 2019. The Climate Campus continues the support of cohesive cross-department, inter-disciplinary collaborations across the Bath Spa University schools.

Motivated by the need to facilitate conversations and identify pragmatic responses accordingly, in the context of our university departments further examination of decolonising the curriculum, whilst embedding ecological thinking and practices into teaching and learning, this year’s conference offers additional opportunities for meaningful student engagement.