campUS @ BSU

In addition to the public-facing online program there will be a series of reflective sessions offering BSU students the opportunity to explore issues raised by the conference. These are ongoing and new events are being added so please check back.

This is in line with one of the University’s identified methods to achieve its climate goals as laid out by the Vice-Chancellor in the declaration of climate emergency in Feb 2020. 

Making sure that all our students are sustainability-literate and able to make informed decisions throughout their lives and able to influence others to do likewise.

Mon May 10th - Wed 15th & Mon 17th - Wed 19th
11.30am -1pm
The Street @ Locksbrook 

Drop-in sessions

Doodle Chatter is a social creative workshop created by Beth Archard. It aims to connect with a wide audience by utilising the well documented benefits of the doodle. With pen and paper and easy conversation participants might be given the headspace for reflection, tools for relaxation, and a pathway for reconnection with one another. How will we feel before, during and after the doodle? Doodle Chatter aims to provide an experience to engage an audience, promote interactions between people, encourage our capacity to be self-reflective citizens, and explore the possibilities of visual language.

Doodle Chatter is responding to what is happening right now, and how we need space, a separate or alternative space, to process. How we desire connection with others whilst lacking local opportunities for this.

Mon May 10th - Mon May 24th


Twitter Splash of poetry by Creative Writing students. #campus4climate

Sat May 15th 2pm
Livestream online

Interspecies listening

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Dr Ian Thornhill (Reader in Ecology and Conservation)
Professor Amanda Bayley (Professor of Music)
Research Fellow Kathy Hinde (audiovisual artist)

The transdisciplinary project, ‘Interspecies listening’ combines new techniques in bioacoustic monitoring with listening practices associated with acoustic ecology, sound art and ecomusicology. At Newton Park campus, hydrophones will be used to listen to and monitor underwater species, including the European protected species, the Great Crested Newt.  For Climate Campus, the interdisciplinary research team will share a live, deep listening experience from underwater microphones. These listening experiences will be interspersed with an introduction to their collaborative research into bioacoustics, biodiversity monitoring, ecomusicology, and practices of listening for developing ecoliteracy.

Followed by Q&A chaired by artist and researcher Ben Parry.

24th May 1-2pm
Managing Sustainability: Being an Agent of Change

Speakers Prof. Andy Salmon (BSU) and Mandar Jayawant / Nick Keppel-Palmer from the Good Growth Company

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